Crowdfunding for Small Business

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Crowdfunding for Small Business – Get Ready to Raise Capital for Your Business!

by BRYAN GIANESIN on JULY 26, 2012

The word is getting out about “Crowdfunding”. More and more business owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs and government programs are gearing up for the opening of the new equity-based Crowd Funding law which will allow businesses to raise up to $1 million in annual capital for their company using the Internet.

To obtain more information, contact for a complimentary copy of theCrowdfunding Handbook for Business Owners.

Bryan Gianesin of the Gianesin Law Firm is actively involved in advising companies about securities-backed Crowdfunding. Bryan will be offering a free 1 hour webinar from noon to 1 pm, through the Irvine Chamber of Commerce about Crowdfunding on September 13, 2012. For details about joining the discussion, go to

If you are interested in attending a free upcoming live seminar about Crowdfunding, contact Bryan at