Asset Protection

The term “Asset Protection” is often misunderstood. For example, many individuals who need asset protection may assume that insurance companies may be reasonable or even on your side. This is completely false. Insurance companies are going to do everything in their power to minimize their losses, at your expense. Additionally, many individuals have a false idea that forming an LLC or trust will give them ultimate asset protection. However, a very strongly documented case is required in order for your assets to be considered business-related. Asset protection advisors may even suggest illegal strategies or jurisdictions that may violate state and federal law. Any strategy which wrongfully avoids creditors may subject your protected assets to forfeiture, or other substantial penalties.

Due to the abundance of misinformation around asset protection, it’s quite beneficial to have the best asset protection planning attorney in Newport Beach, CA at your side. Our experienced and knowledgeable asset protection planning law firm is proud to have been serving the people of Orange Country and surrounding areas since 2005. If you need to protect your assets, then you are in need of our legal support.

How Can We Help With Asset Protection?

At our asset protection planning law firm, we practice proven strategies that may protect both undistributed assets and assets which will be distributed to your heirs. With an expert on your team, these assets can often be structured to provide protection from creditors. It may especially protect from those who have a predatory legal opposition (often an unhappy spouse or co-beneficiary), or insurance that may be structured to avoid disputes and controversy among the beneficiaries. For example, a contract may include exclusions that make it very difficult to protect assets. Also, the receipt of property is often an area that creates frustration and dissension among beneficiaries.

Based on your specific situation and personal needs, we offer sound, practical advice about asset protection and have numerous resources to assist with complex asset issues. At Gianesin Law Firm in Newport Beach, we understand all the asset protection laws of California and carry all pertinent knowledge in property rights, including the most obscure nuances. Putting you first, we strongly believe in guiding you through the whole process, explaining everything, and making sure you feel confident that you are in good hands. We will do this by creating an asset protection plan that outlines every step for ensuring the protection of properties and assets. During planning, your financial planning attorney will also prioritize short and long-term goals that you may have.

If you or an acquaintance are considering creating a trust for the protection of your assets, the asset protection trusts attorney at Gianesin Law Firm advises that you seek a consultation from us today. You may believe that creating trust will be enough to protect your assets from being touched. However, this is not necessarily the case. There are many forms of a trust, some of which may be an effective strategy for the protection of your properties or assets. This will depend entirely on many various factors that will need to be evaluated by a trained asset protection lawyer.

The planning that goes into adequate asset protection requires a precise individualization of a client’s situation. It’s reasonable to imagine asset protection as a puzzle. With most puzzles, there is only one method of completion. Puzzles typically lock you into strict parameters that force the person solving it to think only in one way. However, the puzzle of asset protection is much more dynamic and open to modification. In fact, it depends on modifying the puzzle according to the specific needs and circumstances of our clients. Our skilled asset protection planning attorney will accomplish this by doing any research, investigation, or documentation necessary in order to craft a comprehensive plan that aligns with both your long-term and short-term goals.

Gianesin Law Firm in Newport, CA understands that coming up with an efficient and sound plan for asset protection cannot be a one-size-fits-all solution. Ultimately, our asset protection lawyer will fully customize a comprehensive asset protection plan that will maximize your protection, giving peace of mind. Not only will you rest assured that you are in good hands, but a well-crafted plan can also lead to a settlement in your favor or protect your assets from a lawsuit. Therefore, it is in your best interest to be proactive and act soon by contacting Gianesin Law Firm today.

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