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“I have had the pleasure to consult with Bryan on a variety of complex legal issues, and have been continuously impressed by his knowledge and attention to detail. His style is direct and thorough, yet at the same time, easy for a client to understand. Specifically, Bryan has an expertise in the area of internet law, which is an ever-evolving, and often misunderstood field of law. I value his input on the subject, and wholeheartedly endorse him to represent any business client seeking counsel in their efforts to develop, protect, and license their intellectual property and technology assets.”– Sara Compton, Internet Attorney

“I endorse Bryan. He is extremely knowledgeable in the business incorporation, securities issues, fundraising for start ups. He assisted me in dealing with an old client who is now part of a start up. Bryan helped with his vast experience and made the client realize the gaping holes in his current plan. He is very thorough and follows through! I would recommend Bryan to all my business clients.”– Madanmohan Ahluwalia, Corporate and incorporation Attorney

“I recently consulted with Bryan on a complex investment litigation matter and found his insight invaluable. He has a keen ability to make complex issues very simple and target in on workable solutions. Bryan has a tremendous level of knowledge and experience in securities and business law, which, combined with his approachable demeanor, make him an outstanding advocate and counselor for his clients and a pleasure to work with. I recommend Bryan without hesitation and would entrust him with my own legal affairs any day.”– Jordan Dorrestein, Securities offerings Attorney

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