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Avoiding Disputes and Litigation

Disputes usually arise from miscommunication, a change of heart, or unfulfilled expectations. The best way to avoid disputes in a business contract is a carefully and thoroughly prepared agreement. Considering and communicating each party’s expectations and creating methods to resolve disagreements within your business agreement, substantially reduces the chance of costly business dispute. However, sometimes a lawsuit is unavoidable, so it is important to draft a business agreement which provides for payment of your attorney’s fees and costs if the other party has breached the contract and you prevail in arbitration or court. Recent court cases have had an important impact on employee arbitration agreements and commissions.

How Can Probate Of High Net Worth Estates Be Avoided In California?

Any estate that doesn’t have a trust goes through probate in California. Whether you have a million dollars or $50 million, if you haven’t taken care of the transfer of assets and property within an estate plan, you are going to wind up in Probate Court. Read More

What Are Some Problems That May Lead A Business Towards Litigation?

As much as everybody loves a handshake deal, those sorts of deals seldom work out in the long run. These sorts of oral promises that are not documented in writing create expectations by both parties, and since the contract was never in writing, neither party ever got a chance to really look at those expectations. This does not bode well, and almost always leads to conflicts of some sort. Read More

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