On Monday, officials from Health and Human Services, HHS, announced that they have delayed the implementation of an important provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It was announced that small businesses (2 – 50 employees) may not have an insurance exchange market set-up specifically for them when the state and federal health exchanges begin on January 1, 2014. As…Read More

I recently read a great article about employee Email and Internet use that I want to forward to you from my friends and colleagues at HBLA, CPA’s. Employees Email and Internet Monitoring. It’s a very thoughtful article. If you have any questions about the legality of requiring Internet compliance for your employees, contact the Gianesin Law Firm, Bryan Gianesin, Attorney…Read More

If you are thinking of a career change, find yourself unemployed, or have a friend or family member who wants to start a business with you, the following article from may serve you well. Once you have completed these tasks, consult with a knowledgeable business attorney, like the Gianesin Law Firm, Bryan Gianesin, Attorney, about the proper legal steps…Read More

A business plan is essential for BOTH start-ups and ongoing businesses. There are very few large companies that do not spend hundreds of hours creating annual and longer term business plans. Why? The answers are is simple: for multiple owners it is essential that all parties understand who is doing what and why they are do it; for a single…Read More

Over the last 26 years, I’ve seen many new and ongoing “partnerships”. I use this word for any business relationship where there are two or more people running a business enterprise- If you are married, you have a “partner” too! My colleague, Barri Carian, has tremendous experience advising and educating clients who want to create or refine an existing “partnership”…Read More

Bryan Gianesin, Attorney was recently featured as a guest presenter for the Irvine Micropreneur Program. The Webinar gives an overview of Crowdfunding for both potential investors and companies seeking to use the platform for donation/reward and equity capital. Bryan Gianesin is an experienced business attorney, thought leader and advocate for investing and raising money from the “crowd”. See the video…Read More

Like anything new, Crowdfunding has taken some time to get traction. One of the difficulties in this digital media age, has been that no one has taken the time to create a quality, informative “Info-Video” to give an overview of the topic…until now. The thought leaders at have created a 2 minute video that is a must see. What…Read More

If your business does not have a written employee handbook and written hiring and termination manual, your business is ripe for employee claims and damages. Large or small, by far the largest area of claims against business owners is in employee-related claims. You can substantially reduce the number (and success) of these claims by having a consistent and established procedure…Read More

Business Brokers Have a Mixed Reputation. There are really great ones and all the rest. The right business broker can add substantial value to the buy/sell process. Irvine, California Business Attorney Assists Clients to Buy or Sell a Business. Business brokers have a mixed reputation. Just like attorneys, there are really great ones and truly questionable characters. However, if a…Read More

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