Asset Protection

The term “Asset Protection” is often misused and/or misunderstood by clients. Some “asset protection” advisors suggest strategies or jurisdictions for such planning that may violate state and federal law or which may be set aside by a court. Clearly, any strategy which wrongfully avoid creditors may subject “protected assets” to forfeiture and substantial penalties.

There are, however, proven strategies which offer undistributed assets and assets which will be distributed to your heirs, to be structured in such a manner as to provide some protection from creditors, from predators (often an unhappy spouse or co-beneficiary), or which may be structured to avoid disputes and controversy among the beneficiaries. The receipt of real property is often the area which creates frustration and dissention among beneficiaries.

Based upon your situation and needs, we offer sound, practical advice about asset protection and have numerous resources to assist with complex asset issues.